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Partner with Buffalo 8 to represent and support the distribution of your completed film with an emphasis on a digital platform release. Given our extensive relationship rolodex, Buffalo 8 optimizes each distribution channel while providing direct visibility in to each reporting statement. E-mail us to find a tailored solution for your project’s needs.

AVOD Distribution

By partnering with the largest free streaming platform in the world (TubiTV), Buffalo 8 now offers your completed film, episodic series, or short film an additional window of revenue-generating opportunity. The quality of the content, boosted by any outside marketing done on your part, will drive audiences (and paying advertisers) to your material in the fastest growing segment of the VOD market. Fill out the pre-acquisition form below to find out if your project qualifies.



$ 4,000

  • 90-Day Strategy Consulting
  • Optimizing Distribution Strategy
  • Sales Representation of Finished Film to Distributors


$ 7,500

  • 90-Day Strategy Consulting
  • Optimizing Distribution Strategy
  • Oversee Revenue Reporting
  • Sales Representation of Finished Film to Distributors
  • Aggregation Package for up to 5 global Video On Demands platforms
  • Asset Delivery & Management
  • Contract review and negotiation


$ 15,000

  • 90-Day Strategy Consulting
  • Optimizing Distribution Strategy
  • 90-Day Dedicated Distribution Executive
  • Oversee Revenue Reporting
  • Sales Representation of Finished Film to Distributors
  • Aggregation Package for up to 5 VOD platforms: $2,000 value
  • Asset Delivery & Management
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Advertising package to national web/digital/radio outlets
  • Advertising asset delivery and management
  • Trailer & Key Art Completion

AVOD distribution

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TubiTV?

The largest free advertising-supported streaming library in the world.

What is “AVOD” and why is it free?

Ad-based Video on Demand (“AVOD”), sometimes referred to as “Free TV,” is a collection of content available for viewing that does not require an upfront cash commitment or financial subscription. Instead, viewers will need to watch advertisements in order to have access to the content and the advertisers payments for ad placement is the key revenue driver for the platform.

Why should I distribute my film, series, or short film through an AVOD platform?

AVOD platforms offer filmmakers and creators an additional revenue stream and distribution window for their content. TubiTV splits the ad revenue generated from the project (50:50) with theaggregator who places the content on Tubi.

AVOD platforms are the fastest growing segment of the VOD marketplace and has seen a massive traffic shift in the last few months as several major media companies recognize this trend and begin to stake out AVOD strategies. AVOD players now include Viacom’s Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Roku, Film Rise and NBC’s Peacock.

AVOD will service cost-conscious consumers and act as a no-cost alternative when a consumer’s monthly subscription bill reaches a maximum. As more consumers discover this free digital optionit will require higher quality content to satisfy demand, and in many ways, AVOD will replace traditional broadcast TV.

How do I place my project on TubiTV?

TubiTV does not allow individual content creators to upload their projects directly to the platform. Instead, they require all projectsto go through an approved aggregator, like Buffalo 8, before vetting official placement. [You can fill out Buffalo 8’s AVOD Application form linked here.]

How much can I expect to get paid from distribution through TubiTV?

TubiTV typically does not guarantee a minimum payment, but proceeds generally range between $1,000 to $100,000 USD per quarter. Better quality projects (those with either a genre, cast, or story hook, as well as supported with a digital marketing effort) result in greater viewership and increased revenue.

There are specific instances where TubiTV may pay a minimum guarantee but this is done on a title-by-title review basis.

How much does TubiTV pay per view?

TubiTV does not pay on a per-view basis but rather on the advertising revenues from the commercial spots inserted into the viewing experience. The split between TubiTV and the aggregator is 50/50 based on the advertising revenues.

Other digital and streaming offers state the subscription, ad-roll, and/or sponsor dollar amounts or percentages. Can TubiTV or Buffalo 8 provide more information?

TubiTV and Buffalo 8 provides the same information that all 50,000+ titles on the TubiTV platform have been provided in regards to revenue streams and data visibility. Information is limited due to the performance-based structure; TubiTV can only guarantee the 50/50 split of advertising revenues.

How do we monitor the performance of our project on the TubiTV platform?

Buffalo 8 has the ability to track your title’s performance in real-time and will provide you with your title’s impressions, eCPM, and earnings every quarter.

How long will my project stay on TubiTV?

The project will exist on the platform indefinitely, until you or the Tubi team decide to take it down.

Is TubiTV a worldwide distributor? Does TubiTV require the streaming rights for every territory?

TubiTV is streaming in 140 countries worldwide.

TubiTV would prefer to have the AVOD streaming window rights for the world but has the ability to carve out territories from its platform if necessary.

I’ve already distributed my film; can I still release on AVOD?

Typically, yes. It’s important to read your distribution agreement to make sure you are not restricted from releasing the film through an AVOD platform.

Does TubiTV accept every project?

No, and especially not projects that have unresolved technical issues.

When should I expect payment from TubiTV and Buffalo 8?

TubiTV and Buffalo 8 will pay monthly, once a minimum threshold of $1,000 is met, ninety (90) days after each month’s accrual.

Does Buffalo 8 charge an upfront fee to distribute my project through TubiTV?

Buffalo 8 does not charge an upfront or out-of-pocket cost to distribute your project. However, Buffalo 8, like all distributors, has fixed hard costs associated with both the technical, legal, and administrative aspects of onboarding the content and delivering to the TubiTV platform. To compensate for this, Buffalo 8 requires a nominal first position corridor in the project’s sales waterfall to recoup all expenses for the legal and technical delivery and servicing.

Why should I aggregate with Buffalo 8 versus another company?

Buffalo 8 has a proven track record of developing, producing, and releasing content for the past 10 years. While many other aggregators rely solely on revenue from releasing your project(s) onto platforms, Buffalo 8’s diverse revenue model allows us to treat the filmmaking teams fairly and honestly.

Buffalo 8 provides direct quarterly reporting allowing for full visibility into the actual revenue generated and fees paid per title.

Buffalo 8, and our sister companies BondIt Media Capital and ABS Payroll, have a long-standing relationship with top executives, agencies, and creative teams in the entertainment business, allowing for a streamlined and thorough process for any project our team is involved with.

"Sean helped us work through marketing, theatrical screenings and digital windows in a way that we wouldn't have gotten outside of the studio system. We weren't impressed with our last studio experience and this experience showed us the other side of the film business."

Wilde Salome

"Sean really helped us get our movie to all the major digital platforms and made the process of self distribution easy and painless. He was always available to answer our questions and guide our way."

The Lennon Report

"Sean's insight into self distribution helped guide our way through pursuing a slew of digital opportunities and exploiting the windows of our film in a way that made our whole team happy"


"There's a brave new world of distribution out there. Sean Flanagan really helped us navigate through the digital distribution of Return of the Killer Shrews. We required a complicated release of this film, tied in with careful marketing on our side. With Sean guiding the distribution piece, we knew we were in good hands moving forward into the digital marketplace."

Return Of The Killer Shrews


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