Buffalo 8 New Mexico

Buffalo 8 New Mexico is a full-service division of Buffalo 8 that serves producers, projects and companies looking to shoot within the state of New Mexico. We offer the most compressive infrastructure built to support all of your production needs across production management, equipment, location scouting, vendor assistance, tax credit assistance and everything in between.

What we do

We’re a able to take on film, television, or any other content at budget levels of any size as a full service NM based production service company.

Who We Are

Robert Dean
Head of Buffalo 8 New Mexico

Robert Dean, a native to the sprawling landscape who has been working professionally in the NM film business for the past nine years doing everything from Directing to Production Manager (Dead of Night, Wander). Witnessing first-hand the many pitfalls that independent filmmakers face, Robert and Buffalo 8 joined forces to create Buffalo 8 New Mexico, a full-service division that will server producers, projects and companies looking to shoot within the state of New Mexico.

robert@buffalo8.com  |  (575) 937-8172

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Wrap Services (one week)

$ 2,000

Either Robert Dean or a trusted team member will help your team get wrapped out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Returning all rentals
  • Closing accounting with all vendors
  • Clean up and restore locations

Production Services (Standard)

$ 12,500

Budget and shoot-length dependent

Either Robert Dean or a trusted team member can serve as your on set producer / UPM (non-union ) / production supervisor for the entirety of your project to make sure the shoot goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Production Services (Pro)

$ 14,000

  • Tax Incentive guidance to maximize credit & connecting team to qualified tax accountant.
  • Preliminary location scout, production office scout (the extent will determine an increase in price)
  • Permits, location agreements
  • Introduction to local casting directors, agents for day players & background
  • Liaison services with local film commissions, unions, rental houses, and pass through companies
  • Hire crew (union, non – union) and handling of start work paperwork
  • Rental houses, sound stages (camera, grip, and electric)
  • Lodging (crew, cast, and specialty cast requirements)
  • Vendors (catering, craft, transportation, picture cars, location supplies, props, wardrobe, and radios)

Executive Services (PRO)

$ 7,500

A collaboration of our Buffalo 8 Executive Producer and New Mexico divisions, tailored specifically for New Mexico budgetary needs and tax credit qualifications.
  • Strip board scheduling
  • Cast scheduling
  • Line item budgeting
  • Comprehensive pitch deck
  • Financial modeling & optimized finance plan
  • Executive consultation
  • Legal, sales & production contract templates
  • Introductions to talent agencies for cast attachments
  • Introductions to sales agents & distribution partners
  • Deliverables process typically takes 3-6 weeks

Not sure you’ll need everything in a certain package tier?

Let us know, and we’d be happy to structure an a la carte package perfectly tailored to your specific project

Buffalo 8 Video Series

Buffalo creates educational experiences to better serve producers, projects and companies with their production needs.

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