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Placement Distribution

Engage Buffalo 8 Distribution to release the completed (or near completed) film to reach audiences around the globe while maximizing revenues with a targeted release on core VOD platforms via Buffalo 8’s direct output deals.

  • Cost= $10,000 gross corridor

Digital Distribution

Engage Buffalo 8 Distribution to strategically release the P&A supported film on a variety of VOD, AVOD, SVOD, cable and non-theatrical platforms, which will each be positioned for unique merchandising opportunities on each respective outlet. Working closely with a B8 executive to develop creative assets and identifying the best marketing and publicity opportunities to generate awareness around your film.

  • Cost = $6500 upfront and $6,000 gross corridor

Strategic Distribution

Engage Buffalo 8 Distribution with a tailored retainer based service package — whether for a completed film ready for distribution or earlier stage seeking distribution guidance + consultation. We can provide assistance with building out a festival and distribution strategy, creating key creative assets and introducing you to key partners, like international sales agents.

  • Cost = $6,500 upfront for a 3 (three) month engagement

Questions? Consult with our Distribution expert: info@buffalo8.com

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