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Strategic Distribution

Partner with Buffalo 8 to represent and support the distribution of your completed film with an emphasis on a digital platform release. Given our extensive relationship rolodex, Buffalo 8 optimizes each distribution channel while providing direct visibility in to each reporting statement. E-mail us to find a tailored solution for your project’s needs.

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AVOD Distribution

By partnering with the largest free streaming platform in the world (TubiTV), Buffalo 8 now offers your completed film, episodic series, or short film an additional window of revenue-generating opportunity. The quality of the content, boosted by any outside marketing done on your part, will drive audiences (and paying advertisers) to your material in the fastest growing segment of the VOD market. Fill out the pre-acquisition form below to find out if your project qualifies.

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B8 Strategic Distribution Packages

Our team understands that every project is unique, which is why we tailor our distribution packages to fit your project’s specific needs and customize pricing to effectively accomplish your goals in reaching your audience.

The Foundation

$ 4,250

  • Consult weekly with our B8 Distribution Team
  • Develop a personalized 60-Day Distribution Strategy
  • Utilize the library, brand, and relationship value of B8 to achieve the strongest output
  • Collaborate with your personal B8 Sales Executive to define the timelines, milestones for deliverables, and release date(s)
For: First time and emerging creators.
Basic Distribution Services

Foundation + Aggregation

$ 6,500

  • 2x weekly consultation with our B8 Distribution Team
  • Develop a personalized 120-Day Distribution Strategy
  • Oversee revenue reporting with monthly visibility
  • Asset delivery and management support
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Aggregation package for 5 global Video On Demand Platforms
For: Larger films.
Advanced Distribution Services

Start to Finish Distribution

$ 9,500+

  • Regular Consultation with our team of Industry Experts
  • Develop a personalized 150-Day Distribution Strategy
  • Personal B8 Sales Executive Representation available on call
  • Oversee revenue reporting with monthly visibility
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Aggregation Package for 8 Global Video On Demand Platforms
  • Advertising package to national web/digital/radio outlets
  • Marketing support and guidance
  • Trailer & Key Art Completion
For: Top-of-the-line Productions.
Pro Distribution Services.

Questions? Consult with our Distribution expert: info@buffalo8.com

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