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Taking place over a year in lockdown, this bittersweet pandemic romance tells the story of neighbors and near total strangers, WILL and APURNA. When a chance encounter involving a spare roll of toilet paper brings them together in the early days of lockdown, the two strike up a quick friendship. Growing ever closer as they pass the endless days discussing everything from their deepest insecurities, to their favorite brands of breakfast cereal.
Their time together culminates in a night of psychedelic mushrooms where Will reveals a flame he still carries for a past lover, while Apurna reveals that she was once engaged to a boy named NIKKI. They end the night in a warm embrace and it seems they may at last be ready to take their connection to the next level. But the next morning, Apurna reveals she has decided to return to her hometown for the remainder of lockdown and after a fateful kiss at the airport, the two part ways.
Over the next several months, quarantined and with very little communication from Apurna, Will slips into an isolated depression. Even spending the holidays by himself when his family contracts covid the morning he was meant to fly back for Christmas. Things begin to turn around when, after weeks of radio silence, he receives a phone call from Apurna on New Year’s Eve announcing she will be returning to LA at last.
Meanwhile, over in New England, we see Apurna’s side of these past several months. Her time home begins peacefully enough; spending time with her parents, hearing the latest gossip about her cousins back in India, and enjoying her mother’s home cooked meals when who should come knocking at the door but her ex fiance, Nikki. Apurna and Nikki begin spending time together, reopening old wounds from their broken engagement while also reconnecting as people at different stages in their life. This ultimately finds them alone in a hotel room on New Years Eve where, fueled by champagne and fireworks, they consummate their reunion. Later that night, while Nikki sleeps, Apurna sneaks off to call Will and inform him of her return to LA, leaving out the fact that Nikki will be on her arm when she does.
Back in LA, a blindsided Will and conflicted Apurna deal with the fallout of her return. Their relationship has been reduced down to pained smiles as they pass one another in the hall until one day Apurna confronts Will, demanding they try and work out what’s happened between them. This confrontation ends with Will deciding to move out of the building, the pain of watching Apurna and Nikki together every day being too much. On the day of his move out, Apurna and Will share one last goodbye in the building’s alleyway, presumably for good.
However months later, in a dreamy coffee shop somewhere in LA, Apurna and Will meet again. Perhaps as friends ready to bury the past. Perhaps on a date and thinking about the future. Definitely together and back in each other’s lives.