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Eddi Sebastian is a loser with a dream. But as a second-rate film editor, he’s got no money, no girl, and no acclaim. The best part of his day is pining over European actress, Anabel Ruysch, the object of his obsession. His dream: to get a date. The problem? She doesn’t know he exists. That is, until he discovers a special power: the ability to re-edit the last 24 hours of his life.

Soviet Sleep Experiment

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In the late 1940’s, Russian researchers kept four test patients awake for 30 days using an experimental gas-based stimulant. Cut off from the world, the researchers conduct a series of tests on the subjects. What starts as a purely scientific study, quickly spirals out of control and the subjects take matters into their own hands and test the concept of truth as a matter of life and death.
Directed by Barry Anderson
Written by Mike McCaffrey
Eva De Dominici as Anna, Rafal Zawierucha as Leo, Chris Kattan as Subject 3/Yuri, Evgeny Krutov as Yegor, Michael Villar as Subject 4, Charles Hubbell as Subject 5, Paul Cram as Subject 6