b8 Services offers comprehensive budgeting, scheduling, business and financial forecasting along with tailored consulting and Executive Producer support for any budget level.

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Buffalo 8 Video Series

Buffalo creates educational experiences to better serve producers, projects and companies with their production needs.


$ 1,250

  • Strip Board Scheduling
  • Cast Scheduling
  • Line Item Budgeting
  • In Depth Coverage and Feedback
Sample Breakdown


$ 2,000

  • Sales estimates
  • Financial modeling.
Buffalo 8 Productions LLC and BondIt LLC are hereby indemnified and released of any liability resulting from these sales estimates and projections. As Buffalo 8 is not a sales agent, the estimates & models provided are explicitly speculative.
Sample Breakdown


$ 3,500

  • Strip Board Scheduling
  • Cast Scheduling
  • Line Item Budgeting
  • Business Proposal
  • Investor Package
  • Month of consulting
  • 30 Day Dedicated Development Executive
Sample Consultation


$ 7,500

  • Strip Board Scheduling
  • Cast Scheduling
  • Line Item Budgeting
  • Business Proposal
  • Investor Package
  • Two Months of Consulting
  • Assistance with Agency Attachments
  • Assistance with Sales Agent Attachment
  • Assistance with international sales estimate preparation
  • Optimizing finance plan
  • Legal, Sales & Production Contracts
  • 60 Day Dedicated Development Executive
  • Producer Rep / Sales Services
Sample Package
  • Land of Leopold
    Chris Pinkalla, Ray Wise, Scottie Thompson
    Director: Akis Konstantakopoulos
    B8 Involvement: development services provided, produced by B8 Production Services and post-production handled by B8 Post-Production Services
    Land of Leopold
  • Valley of Bones
    Starring: Autumn Reeser, Mark Margolis, Alexandra Billings
    Director: Dan Glaser
    B8 Involvement: development services provided and produced by B8 Production Services
    Valley of Bones
  • Rodney King
    Starring: Roger Guenveur Smith
    Director: Spike Lee
    B8 Involvement: development services provided, B8 Management packaging services provided, B8 Production Services provided
    Rodney King
  • They’re Watching
    Starring: Brigid Brannagh, David Alpay
    Director: Micah Wright and Jay Lender
    B8 Involvement: development services provided and B8 Production Services provided
    They’re Watching
  • Sunbelt Express
    Starring: Rachael Harris, Tate Donovan, Stephen Lang
    Director: Evan Buxbaum
    B8 Involvement: development services provided
    Sunbelt Express
  • Jimmy Vestvood
    Starring: Maz Jobrani, John Heard, Deanna Russo
    Director: Jonathan Kesselman
    B8 Involvement: development services provided and B8 Production Services provided
    Jimmy Vestvood

“b8 Services has been integral in developing two of my feature film projects and has been working hand in hand with me on budgets, scheduling and financing for the films. There input and expertise is always spot-on and it’s a pleasure working with such a great group of people.”

Mike GreeneFilm & Network TV Producer

“The team at b8 Services is my first stop on each of my independent feature films. I trust their judgement and guidance in regards to areas pertaining to budgeting, production and financing and look forward to continued success with them by my side.”

Franco SamaExecutive TV & Film Producer

“I enjoyed working with Joe and his team at Buffalo 8. They offer a very unique service that I haven’t seen anywhere else. They provided my production with a budget, a schedule, and best of all, a business plan. The plan was very well thought out, and showed me how to take advantage of rebates and tax deductions. I hope to continue working with Joe and his team on future projects. ”

Ervin PeterFilm Producer

“b8 Services consistently provides professional, efficient and creative solutions for any type of production challenge. Their honest, hands-on approach goes unrivaled in this industry making them the most important ally of all: one that is trustworthy.”

Joe EddyDirector of COYOTE feature film

“The b8 Services team consists of very passionate and hardworking professionals. They are outside the box thinkers that never fail to deliver for their clients.”

Jeff CollinsFilm producer & director

“I am truly happy with the services of b8 Services. They created a Budget for my feature film, as well as a strong Business Plan. And, they did so in a timely manner. Without hesitation, I plan on utilizing b8 Services for their production services as well.”

Marie BrandtFilm & TV Producer

“The b8 Services team took our portfolio of concepts and ideas packaged, pitched and found homes for them. From film and television distribution, editing, and financing their team has the expertise and connections to ensure your project is realized.”

Laurel LevineProducer & Manager

“It has been a pleasure working with b8 Services. Joe Aliberti and Justin Lothrop were efficient in the services provided, addressing each of my questions / concerns with helpful advice and an expert knowledge of the business. The budget, schedule and business plan for my film look great and I can’t thank them enough. I appreciate their service, and look forward to a continued relationship in the future. Thank you b8 Services.”

Aaron FjellmanFilm producer & director

“b8 Services has a great crew among them. Joe Aliberti and Justin Lothrop have been such a pleasure to work with. They both make you feel at ease and address every question and concern with knowledge, ease and professionalism. The service provided by b8 Services has been amazing and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with them. Thank you so much.”

Amanda RuizFilm producer

“Luke Taylor and everyone at b8 Services were so knowledgeable and easy to work with. They really guided us through the process of putting together a budget and business plan and the end result was a body of material that truly represented our project and vision. I hope our creative paths continue to cross in the future!”

Katie Feathersonstar of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY